6 Benefits Of Putting Your Dog On Multivitamin Supplementation

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6 Benefits Of Putting Your Dog On Multivitamin Supplementation And How To Select The Right One

Dog owners often go to great extents to keep their dogs healthy and happy. Providing high – quality dog food, regular exercise, timely grooming, vet visits— they would do anything to keep their “Baby” feeling lively. But they do feel a little apprehensive and doubtful when it comes to adding a multivitamin to the list. According to veterinary experts, multivitamins are as important for dogs as they are for humans. And they benefit both humans and animals alike. Now, does that mean you should start getting extra supplies of your own multivitamin to feed your dog? After all, if humans do fine with them, why wouldn’t dogs — right? Wrong! Remember, even though you are serving your pet the best meals, food alone can’t fulfil the special nutritional requirements of active animals such as dogs. Hence, Most of the veterinarian suggest adding a multivitamin supplement in pets diet.

Multivitamins are rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, amino acids and can ensure good health for your pet.. Animals nutritional requirements are way different from those of humans; and the dosages they require also vary widely. So, avoid sharing your multivitamins with your pet.

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However, It’s Important To Take Certain Considerations Into Account While Deciding If You Should Give Your Dog Multivitamins.

The size and age of your dog- Different stages in a dog’s life require different multivitamin dosages. What works well for a puppy might not be right for an aged dog. Also, larger dogs might have completely different nutritional needs than smaller ones. Don’t decide on whim about your pup’s needs, without considering this aspect.

Your dog’s breed- The nutritional requirements of different breeds of dogs are different. Besides, not all breeds have identical tolerance towards vitamins and minerals. For instance, calcium in large quantities can cause bone issues in larger breeds. So, knowing what your dog’s breed can or can’t tolerate would help you make the right choice.

Your pup’s diet- The diet can help you decide whether you would need external supplementation for your dog’s health. Dog owners who serve home food to their dogs are highly likely to cater inadequately to their nutritional requirements. In such a case, multivitamin supplementation is a must. A multivitamin would be the most clever way to make diets wholesome for even finicky eaters.

Is your dog perfectly healthy? Sometimes, dogs need extra supplements due to their medical conditions. Your vet might ask you to supplement your dog’s meals with a good multivitamin, especially if it is suffering from joint paint, some debilitating digestive issues or a weak immune system.


There are various multivitamin supplements available on the market. A good multivitamin supplement must adequately contain all essential nutrients in quantities that your pet needs. VitaMust 365 is the most advanced and veterinarian recommended formulation that is enriched with DHA, Amino acids, multivitamins and minerals that can together ensure a good and healthy life for your pet. It comes with the goodness of essential herbs that can benefit your pet in hundreds of ways.

Some Of The Most Important Benefits Your Pet Can Reap From The Regular Intake Of Vitamust 365-

A boost in immunity- VitaMust 365 helps prevent diseases and speed up recovery by supporting the immune system. Improved digestive health- VitaMust 365 could reduce harmful bacteria in your pet’s gut and improve absorption of nutrients. Hence, also helps with weight increase. Alleviates pain- VitaMust 365 reduces joint pain by offering a great deal of flexibility and mobility to your dog’s body. Offers vitality and energy- VitaMust 365 prevents lethargy in dogs, and adds more active hours to their day. Skin transforms- Taking VitaMust 365 regularly could help your dog have a smoother, shinier and healthier coat. Boosts heart health- Your dog’s heart health improves significantly with regular VitaMust 365 intake

VitaMust 365 is an all – in – one supplementation that is ideal for all pets. In essence, Vitamust 365 can help your “furry baby” live a long, happy and healthy life!

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